How does it work?

Compose your own custom AI cloud from modules that will speed you up and help you to achieve state of the art performance.


Text Classification

Leverage latest research in natural language processing to achieve the state of the art performance on text classification tasks. This module leverages AutoML techniques to reduce the cost of retraining ML models by your data scientists as well as contains Active Learning toolkit in order to spend significantly less on annonating unlabeled examples.


Natural Language Interface

Imagine that you can access your database just with your voice. Natural Language Interface helps you to find your optimal ML model for your business domain, leveraging latest research enabling you to query your database with language.


Time Series Analysis

Most of the data in our world has a dimension of time, whether those are stocks, weather, e-commerce or KPIs. Our time series analysis module, helps you quickly train cutting edge models to forecast the future based on the past data very easily.

Connect to the cloud

Supports connecting to major cloud providers and on-premise deployment.

Additional modules & updates coming soon!

Data cleaning, validation & enrichment tool is coming out in Q1 2021. It is also possible to build custom modules on-demand.

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