Why Atheros Learning?

We cannot help every client due to our time limitations, therefore we have create Atheros learning platform, where individuals and companies can find information and learn by themself. The platform will be launched in Q4 2020 and from the start it will contain our popular GraphQL language course, but additional courses will be added quickly.


GraphQL language

GraphQL Language course is completely free and has been original published at https://graphqlmastery.com. Due to its success, the graphql language course is being rebranded and will be also a part of Atheros Learning platform. For now, you can try the current version of the course at GraphQL Mastery for free.


UX design process

Jan is freelancer and design lead at Atheros. He is known within UX community from instagram. With his 1m+ impressions is leading voice in UX & design community. In order to help even more people, he decided to form the UX & design course, where he will explain his thought process on real world project. The course currently contains 10 modules, 30 chapters and additional bonuses, such as Figma guide or tips on design freelancing.


Advanced NLP

The transformer-based language models have been showing promising progress on a number of different natural language processing (NLP) benchmarks. Many model architectures such as BERT, GPT-2, XLNet or recent Turing-NLG pushed the state of the art results on various different NLP tasks. The combination of transfer learning methods with large-scale transformer language models is becoming a standard in modern. In this course you will dive deeper into transformer architecture and immediately apply on real-world problems.

Additional courses coming soon!

We are gathering the domain experts and specialists to bring you the best possible courses on the market. If you think that you would be good fit for helping out, please let us know!

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