About Us

Our mission is to develop artificial general intelligence (AGI) for the benefit of humanity and also build narrow AI applications with beautiful user interfaces along the way. Help companies that struggle with AI applications with their product development as well as spread the knowledge that we gathered through the years about the subject. The current challenges that lays ahead of us are mainly related to creating new innovative ways that human can interact with computer using natural language.


We are three brother that laid the origin of Atheros and expanded the team and processes beyond!

David Mraz

David earned his living during studies as a professional poker player and as a researcher in gravity field modelling at department of mathematics FCE CTU. He then decided not to continue on PhD, but to found Atheros and use his skillset to help companies to deliver AI-driven products. He likes to work in React, Node.js, GraphQL, Python or C++ and specialises in natural language processing and understanding.

Jan Mraz

Jan is the main person responsible for UX and visual aspects of products that we are building. He has a degree in economics from the University of Economics in Prague, which serves as a great foundation to understand the business value proposation and real user needs. By sharing content on instagram, he built a 50k+ community of designers, discussing the latest design trends, and best practices.

Karel Mraz

Karel started with game and mobile development when he was 14 years old. After a few years he switched his focus to become JavaScript full-stack engineer working in React, GraphQL and Node.js. Now, his focus is also research on attention-based neural networks for time series forecasting. His other interests are mainly data visualisations in AI-driven products.

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